The Truth of The Matter - 6 Weeks Out

I'm officially 8 weeks into my training with My Trainer 365 and I have roughly 6 weeks ahead of me. Its getting closer and closer to competition time and I can hardly believe that I'll actually have worked my way to being able to walk on that stage. I've really been enjoying the process. I know...if you've encountered me in the last couple of weeks you know I've ate the SAME THING since February 1st day in and day out. I'm a control freak though with a busy mind. I think I love it because it simplifies one aspect of my life. I never have to stare blankly in my fridge wondering what to eat. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 7.48.40 PM.png

There is something I want to address and that is progress photos. I attended an event recently when one of the speakers said, "I unfollowed all those crazy fitness people because I don't need that negativity.". The context of the comment was based on the connotation that it breeds jealousy and therefore the person sharing was aiming for that effect. 

First of all. Crazy Fitness People. Well I did just admit that I ate the same thing since February perhaps there is some truth to the crazy...and sometimes I do feel a bit crazy dedicating myself to this process so I'll give you that one. However, breeding this concept of jealousy. Wow. Never the intention and I doubt it is for many people who share their fitness journey.   

Let me explain why I share and I imagine its also the reason behind many others who do.

First of all- Inspiration- social media is where I found mine. I had always had a love of fitness, but essentially just quit before I reached my end goal. Does this situation sound familiar to many of you? Probably because this is most of us. Sure we aren't all training for a competition, but that's not the point. No matter where you are starting with your gym/fitness goals (or where you may have left them behind) it takes motivation to keep going. Lets face it, there are a million reasons we can find to not go to the gym. Carving out that 'me' time for yourself is a task especially when you haven't built that momentum that eventually turns it into lifestyle. I've been standing on the edge of this competition process since LAST APRIL. So its taken me pretty much a year to get to this point. I didn't start my prep until January. It was through social media that I held on to my goal and said "I'm going to do this one day". I combed through before and afters, quotes, workout routines. It inspired me to not give up on what I wanted to achieve. I'm grateful to each and every individual that allowed me a peak into their lives to give me the push to go for it. When I share progress pics it is my aim to do the same. It has happened. I've had people message me for advice. Tell me that my progress has gotten them back to the gym. People sometimes text me just to tell me they went like a check in. That is awesome. Fitness has this infectious quality to it. We are all in it together and support is a beautiful thing.


Second of all- Pride and Encouragement. I'm not going to lie to you. I'm not even ashamed to say it. I'm proud of myself. This journey I'm on is intense. 2.5 hours a day in the gym. Round the clock eating and food preparation. The only people in my life that truly understand what I'm going through are my Coach, my husband and anyone else who has competed. That's a small group that knows the entire rollercoaster I'm on. When at my suit appointment last weekend I was told (and not the first time I've heard this) that this process has actually broken up many relationships. The level of dedication is tremendous. You are literally strategically building your body to create shape and symmetry. So when progress starts to happen or an area you've been struggling with starts to take are excited and proud. Encouragement ties into this as well. The "#fitfam" is a massive community that also understands this level of commitment that is required. They know that social events are difficult because you can't eat anything served, but you also have to eat every 2-3 hours. They know that you worked a crazy day and even though you were up at 5am to fit in the gym you have to go again after dinner just to get that workout in. It's all encompassing. So the words of support we share in a comments section on a social platform can give that little bit of boost to get you through. To remind you of what you are working for.

So this is why I share-not to create a community of envy. Its about building a community of support, positivity, encouragement and inspiration. I would love to hear about your journey no matter what it is. I do believe in you and I know you can do it. You may be like me a year ago and just standing on the edge of that pool waiting to dive in...grab on to some inspiration and go for it. I promise you won't regret it and I'll be there to cheer you on just like you've supported me.