My Boyfriend Gym

I've been going to the gym since I was in high school off and on. We've always had a relationship in some capacity. I know that Gym gets around and I imagine if you've also dated Gym you've gone through some similar phases like myself.

If I had to summarize my Gym relationship in a Facebook status it would be "Its Complicated" for the win.

Stage 5 Clinger- This is where I'm at right now. Poor Gym. I am currently the clingy overbearing type that just won't leave Gym alone. Sometimes I even visit Gym more than once a day. When I'm not with Gym...I'm thinking about Gym. Gym has to deal with my jealousy issues like when someone monopolizes his time in the form of occupying his only smith machine. I hate when that happens. Especially when that individual isn't even giving Gym the attention he deserves. "Get off your phone!"...I want to yell.

Enabler- This is never a nice situation to find yourself in. Just handing Gym your money over and over when you get nothing in return. I've been in these shoes. I've come to realize it was my fault. Gym was always there to welcome me. That being said, Gym just kept taking my hard earned dollars month after month. He never dared to call or ask why we weren't hanging out anymore. He just took my money and ran. (at least one of us was running)

Keeping it Casual- This relationship rarely blossoms into what you hope it could be. Casually dating Gym just always leaves you shy of your relationship goals. You see each other once in a while, but you just aren't wholeheartedly committed. You turn to the kitchen in times you're apart. If you're like how I was, to fill the void of long absences from Gym I often filled it with donuts...rainbow sprinkled ones specifically. It is during this type of relationship I also would magically find myself in the chip aisle....thinking to myself 3 bags for 5 bucks! A) That is a bargain and I'm practically making money buying these chips and B) I worked out hard...I deserve this!

Hiding Gym: This relationship is the one that you hide from your friends. You do not date Gym in public. You only hang out with Gym at home and you two never venture out together. This romance often results in people commenting on how great you're looking lately. You just blush and say...oh its probably because of Gym at home. There is an alternative to this fairytale and why I've never had a Hiding Gym relationship....because you know what else lives at home...snacks...Before I know it I'm being captured on a hidden pantry closet camera with oreo crumbs all over my face and having a Modern Family Cam moment...

As with any relationship-yours with Gym more than likely also bleeds into your inner circle. If you're Stage 5 Clinger like me your friends are probably sick of hearing about Gym. You have to stop yourself often from saying, "So when I was with Gym today....". When you see each other that often it can become difficult to not let it be all consuming and all you speak of. Try and remember-not everyone wants to hear all about Gym. In the nicest way sometimes you should just shut up about Gym. (I need to heed this advice sometimes.)

If you're the Enabler you probably just try to not bring up Gym all together. Its in the back of your don't need to be reminded of it all the time.

If you're keeping it casual you more than likely share with the world whenever you see each other. Nothing wrong with doubt a visit with Gym made you feel great.

No matter what your current relationship status with Gym is I do have one saying to share that I hold onto on the daily. You'll never regret going. So if it's been a while since you've paid Gym a visit and its on your mind...just go. I promise you that you will be welcomed with open arms (and hopefully you'll have sore ones later).