4 Steps For a Full Feast Recovery That Are Easy As Pie

So the Thanksgiving pants have been activated and you're on day two still feeling full. 

Hopefully you spent your holiday creating wonderful memories with friends and family. In addition I truly hope that you enjoyed every bite of the feast. There is no sense feeling guilty in the moments of indulgence. Particularly if you follow regular healthy eating and exercise habits...a day or two isn't going to ruin everything you worked for. That being said, a Thanksgiving binge can turn into a long term lull. One weekend doesn't mean you need to drop the ball on everything you're working towards.

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Here are 5 steps to take for full feast recovery:

Gobble Up Your Guilt:

And throw it away! You celebrated with friends and family and enjoyed a meal that was no doubt made with love. So fine, you went for seconds and then left with a to go container that didn't make it all the way home. It's done. Focus on the present and the nutrition and fitness goals you're working on now that the holiday is out of the way.

Give up The Binge-Cold Turkey:

You're going to read this and say...that has sooooo been me. I say this with confidence because I'm just willing to bet that you've been down this road because I know I have. You eat well for an extended period of time. A holiday or event comes up. You indulge. One day turns into two. Two days turns into three. Diet starts tomorrow starts to become a mantra. Before you know it you've lost the lifestyle that was fuelling your body and making you feel good. First of all DO NOT be mad at yourself for having a Thanksgiving binge. There is no sense in feeling guilty. Put your leftovers to good use by making healthy salads- strips of roasted delicious skinless turkey make a great addition! Don't let the I blew it binge turn into a 12 week stint that ends at a New Years Resolution. Just get yourself back to enjoying the foods that were nourishing your healthy lifestyle before the holidays. And whatever you do...don't starve yourself! Just get back to your normal routine. Speaking of which...

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Stick to the Routine: 

You may be tempted to overcompensate at the gym to burn off the extra meals. Don't! First of all holidays are already a busy time of year. Trying to ramp up your routine could leave you feeling stressed out and overall take away the enjoyment of your workout. You also don't want to overdo it and find that you've given yourself an injury. What you do want to do is get back at it right away. It's so easy to have a snowball effect when it comes to missed workouts. Before you know it you're paying to keep a gym open that you never visit. So don't delay and get back into the swing of things. I promise you'll feel better after one regular workout.

Hydrate Like Its Your Job: 

You already know this...water is amazing for you. This is a proven way to help with digestive issues. On top of that if you had some holiday beverages there is a good chance you are dehydrated from the alcohol. I highly recommend adding some lemon to your water to help cleanse toxins and waste.

The main thing is to keep a positive attitude. Know that you have the power to get back on track and move on from the weekend. Think of it this way. One day of Thanksgiving feasting isn't going to make you unhealthy just like one day of eating 'perfectly' isn't going to make you healthy.




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