5 Reasons Why You Should Workout This Week

A new week has arrived and that means a million mantras start to flood our social feeds. Motivation can be fleeting sometimes no matter how much we read. It can be especially difficult if we've had a long break from our fitness and nutrition routine or are on the brink of diving into a new fitness regime.

Motivation is something that is recommended daily so here are 5 reasons why you should go workout this week...That have NOTHING to do with how you look:

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  • MENTAL FLOSS: Sometimes we have things that get stuck in our minds. Perhaps its regular anxiety. Maybe its that thing you said in your meeting. You could have even lost your mind on Carol and now can't shake it off. Just like you should be flossing your teeth...the gym is a great tool to floss out the fluff in your mind. Working out helps you focus on the here and the now. It's a great way to get some mental clarity
  • HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY: For every minute of anger or sadness you lose 60 seconds of happiness. There is no time to waste! Had a bad day?...Get working out! Thank that beautiful flood of endorphins for that elated feeling post workout.
  • MENTAL STRENGTH: You feel like there is no way you have one more rep in you, but somehow the music is perfect and you push past it. You think you couldn't possible sprint one more interval, but you focus and do three more. The gym is not just about flexing those physical muscles. It's a place that proves what you are made of on a mental level. You quickly start to realize you're capable of more than you ever imagined. This knowledge applies to a plethora of things in every day life that will help you push through perceived road blocks or obstacles.
  • CREME DE LA CREME OF CREATIVITY: Many studies have suggested that exercise boosts your creativity. So next time you want to get brainstorming on your next project or come up with the solution that will wow your workforce forget Googling someone else's stroke of genius. Create your own and enjoy the buzz of ideas flowing while getting your heart rate up as well.
  • THE ZZZZ's THAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF: I'm sooo tired...I didn't sleep very well. Find yourself saying that less and less with a regular workout routine. A National Sleep Foundation study found that 67% of regular fitness buffs have a great night sleep. So say farewell to having to douse yourself in lavender and count a farm full of sheep...that perfect nights sleep could be just one treadmill away.