New Year New You?

Its the hottest resolution year after year. The gym ends up plentiful with eager and intimidated new faces. What is it about flipping the page on the calendar that gives us that oh so satisfying life reset? 

As you're reading this you may be crushing your fitness goals, procrastinating on starting them (oh boy I can relate to you) or you've already started and then things slowly fizzled.

Let me give you the low down on my journey. Last year I developed a really strong bond with happy hour. We loved the oh so plentiful options throughout the city of Vancouver. You know what pairs nicely with a frosty pint (or two or three)...appies! So this became the routine as I slowly discovered my new city one happy hour at a time. 5 months into my new life the happy hour parade equated to quite a few extra Lbs on the scale. That aside I honestly just didn't feel great. I had a lack of energy and just felt blah.  So I set a date...April 29th, 2016 I would start my fitness journey. I knew inside that I meant it. My husband was encouraging, but even he admits that he didn't know I was so serious.

I may procrastinate...but you know what attribute I have thats even bigger than procrastination. Determination. So this is what I did from April 29th to July 29th...

So even though the traditional New Year New you expiration date may have expired...My point is that you can kick start the New You any time. 

Starting a new fitness lifestyle is like taking the leap into an unheated pool. You often spend time teetering on the edge bracing yourself for what is to come. You may even debate if you want to do it at all. However, once you finally jump in there is a brief moment where things are uncomfortable and then before you know it everything feels right.

Here are 5 ways to embrace the fitness lifestyle and stick to it.

  1. Map out a Routine: Be old school about it. Like actually commit and grab some pen and paper. Set a designated time in your schedule that you know you are going to work out. Write out exactly what you are going to accomplish each gym visit. I've been going steadily for well over a year and I still travel with my workout journal. 
  2. Take Photos: Before and afters are the best. Sure its always nice to have some #transformationtuesday material for Instagram, but take the photos for you. Think of it this way. You look at yourself in the mirror every day. You probably analyze yourself more than anyone else ever will. Seeing ourselves so often it sometimes becomes difficult to notice the change that is happening. Photos in the same outfit every 2 weeks are a great way to track progress. As soon as you see those changes adding up those pics will motivate you to keep pushing.  

   3. Look Good Feel Good: Ok so not all will agree with this one, but let me explain myself first. For many entering the gym can be intimidating. Spoiling yourself with some fresh new gear will have you feeling excited and put together when you make your entrance. In addition a well rounded workout wardrobe will really make the laundry situation easier. You aren't going to reuse your sweaty gear so having variety means its less likely you'll skip a gym session because nothing is clean. 

I often see people put off by others that wear makeup in the gym. In my mind if that's what it takes for you to feel comfortable and confident than go for it girl! 

 4. Ask Questions: On the intimidation note let me let you in on a little secret. Whenever I see someone who isn't a gym regular and is obviously know what I'm thinking. Its awesome they are there. The gym community is actually incredibly supportive and all for motivating each other. So if you are unsure about how to use a certain machine or how to do a certain move correctly...Ask. Fellow gym goers will be happy to assist.

5. Just Do It: It turns out the popular shoe brand had it right all along with that slogan. Just do it! I promise it won't be easy. I promise you will probably hurt (good hurt but hurt none the less). I promise you will make mistakes (I've tripped off a stairclimber, lost my way on an elliptical and cut my head on a barbell I wasn't even using...don't worry it happens!) I also promise you that you will build confidence. You will feel healthy. You will feel strong.

I promise you the only workout you'll regret doing is the one you didn't do.