Disconnect To Reconnect

When was the last time you spent any length of time away from your phone? How long did you last?

Sometimes we just need a break and even a tiny one can make all the difference in our mental wellbeing. 2018 has been a wild ride so far for me so I was feeling this more than ever. On top of it my job is one that I have trouble disconnecting from at times. I work in weather. So as long as I'm in British Columbia even when I'm not working I feel like I'm surrounded by my work. I feel the need to document the patch of snow on green grass. To tweet the latest special weather statement. You get the picture...it's hard to power down.

I could feel the need mounting so I booked an impromptu getaway for my husband Gavin, my dog Stella and myself at Tofino Resort and Marina. 

Tofino Resort and Marina

For me Tofino is the ultimate destination to unplug. It's also helpful that service is sparing in the area. I actually opted to put my phone on airplane mode for 24 hours. No texts. No emails. No scrolling through social media.

I survived. My phone was merely a camera. I had shut off all external communication. It was fantastic and I couldn't recommend it more. Here are all the things I experienced during my iPhone boycott.

We arrived at our resort late Friday. This is actually the second time we've stayed there and I feel like I'm divulging Tofino's best kept secret. What used to be a rundown motel in the heart of town has transformed into a boutique chic affordable oasis at the marina. Best of all they have pet friendly accommodations. We booked for 2 nights. We popped into the resorts pub called The Hatch to have a post travel bite and a drink.

Saturday we woke up bright and early. We are those annoying morning people. We walked our dog and set out on the first adventure. Hot Springs Cove. We booked a tour with Ocean Outfitters.



The thing I love about traveling in BC whether it be by boat or by car is that the journey is always as rewarding as the destination. The 1.5hour boat ride was stunning to the Hot Springs. We saw otters, sea lions and bald eagles on the way. When we arrived on the island it was a chilly hike to the springs. Temperatures were way below seasonal. This made the reward of the hot springs that much more sweet, but I'm not going to lie we were practically running vs hiking just so we could submerge.

The springs at maximum are 50 degrees celsius or 129 degrees fahrenheit. The roar of the surrounding ocean can be heard as you enjoy a tranquil soak and get settled in the rock formation. 


After our tour of the springs it was time to hit up Tacofino and then Tofino Brewery. We walked there from our resort. We love that the brewery is dog friendly as our Stella much prefers to be part of the action. They have recently renovated to a new space. It is significantly bigger and perfectly pinteresty. As usual the brews on tap were delicious. It was a different vibe, which will take some adjusting to. I always preach my love of change, but I was feeling a little nostalgic over their original set up. That being said it was still perfectly laid back as you will find that is the norm throughout Tofino.

After the brewery we gave 1909 Kitchen a try, which was also located at our resort. You're honestly hard pressed to find a bad meal when in Tofino.


That brought Sunday, which was spent strolling the expansive beaches all morning before heading back to home base.

As soon as I had returned to a service area down highway 4 I was reconnected to the outside world. The emails came in. The scrolling continued. The online world had gone on without me. 24 whole hours and the world had not imploded. 

I think presence is something we all struggle with. We have so many distractions it's really easy to not commit to being present in any particular moment. How many times have we gone to something for the sake of the gram photo later. How many times have we not truly seen a fireworks display because we are trying to get the perfect boomerang. Look at 99 percent of weddings and no one is watching the bride walk down the aisle. Not directly anyways- its all through our phones. I think we are all pretty guilty and we are consistently adapting our lives to integrate technology in a way that isn't sabotaging our mental health.

We constantly hear about the latest cleanse when it comes to diet. Maybe we have to take that mentality and apply it to our lives when it comes to dealing with technology. Take an evening. Take 24 hours. Take a weekend. Just take the time to give it a try. 

A little disconnect can go a long way when it comes to reconnect with what matters.