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The beauty of social media is its ability to unite individuals with a common interest. It allows us to cultivate a community that propels us toward our goals. This couldn't be more true when it comes  to the #fitfam. This is why I'm starting a weekly blog post called the #MotivationCollective. This platform allows stories to be shared of inspiring men and women who participate in this social space.

#MotivationCollective Volume 1:

Introducing Erin Danielle

Source: Instagram @erin__danielle / Photographer: Ramirez Creative Photography

Source: Instagram @erin__danielle / Photographer: Ramirez Creative Photography

When I had the idea to start this collective interviewing Erin was a no brainer. A quick scroll of her Instagram feed and it becomes apparent this woman is no ordinary warrior. She is highly dedicated to her fitness regime and greatly involved with motivating others. You'll quickly learn that she has had to face significant challenges after being faced with a diagnosis of stage 3 breast cancer. Through this all she has never hidden away from her followers. Instead she has shared her story on good days and bad all while carrying on with an epic tale of motivation and never losing sight of her goals. Keep on crushing it Erin and thank you for sharing!

How long have you been into fitness?

I've been active since high school, playing on basketball and rugby teams. In my 20s and early 30s I started weight lifting, but my passion was running. I completed several half marathon and 10km races. 3 years ago I discovered bodybuilding and competing and I'm hooked now.

What was your fitness 'aha' moment?

My 'aha' moment for competing was when I walked into a new gym and the gym owner told me 'you need to compete'.

What is your 'why fit' and what is your current goal?

When I started bodybuilding 3 years ago, I was going through a difficult and life changing time. I felt strong, powerful and in control when training. This gave me confidence outside the gym as well. 

I prepped and competed in 2 shows in late 2015 and early 2016. Then in October 2016, while I was in preparation for my third show, I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Since then I've had 3 surgeries, 16 rounds of chemotherapy, countless tests and procedures. I continued to train throughout it all. I believe that if it not for bodybuilding, my body and mind would not have handled all that it had to endure throughout my cancer journey. For that reason, I continue to train, so I can take care of my body and mind both inside and out of the gym. I train to set an example for others and for my son. 

Source: Instagram @erin__danielle

Source: Instagram @erin__danielle


My goal this year is to make a comeback to the stage in July at the Vancouver Pro Show.

Aside from the physical transformation, what benefits have you gotten from regular fitness activity?

My fit and healthy body allowed me to remain strong through my treatments and surgeries.

What has your biggest challenge been along your fitness journey and how have you overcome it?

My biggest challenge along my journey was my diagnosis. At first it was difficult to accept that this 'setback' would actually set me back for over a year in my fitness journey. I have since learned that this 'setback' has made me strong both inside and out.

Is there something you know now that you wish you knew in the beginning when you started working out?

I wish I knew how to be patient! I was eager for results NOW. I know now that results and changes take time. It's called bodyBUILDING for a reason.

What is your fave cheat meal?


What has been your biggest accomplishment in the fitness field so far?

My biggest accomplishment was winning 3rd place at my second bodybuilding show. That qualified me for the next level of competition, a pro-qualifier in July.

What has been your most embarrassing moment in the gym while training? Don't worry we all have one!

I often chew gum while I'm training. Sometimes, while exhaling, I shoot my gum right out of my mouth. It's happened so many times, I only blush a little now.

What advice do you have for someone just starting their fitness journey?

Make good diet decisions everyday. Not sometimes, but everyday. 

Consistency is KEY

If you think you're working hard enough you probably aren't. Work harder.

Be patient. Change and results take time.

Source: Instagram @erin__danielle / Photographer: Ramirez Creative Photography

Source: Instagram @erin__danielle / Photographer: Ramirez Creative Photography


Erin can be found training at West Coast Iron under the guidance of Darren Toma of Custom Built Training. We wish you luck in your training for the Van Pro Qualifier in July!

Follow Erin Danielle: @erin__danielle

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