Road to Resolution - Be The 6%

I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Joti Samra this week for work. She is a psychologist. (Who happened to be the 'go to' on The Bachelor Canada btw)

She shared an intriguing statistic. By July, 94% of people will have forgotten or failed their New Years resolutions. That is the majority by a long shot. So why do we do this to ourselves year after year?

It's simple right. We want change. We want to grow. We want to improve.

So what's stopping us? Elaborate drum roll please...Ourselves.

This is where it gets tricky. Making changes in our life is hard. Even positive changes.

Lately, I have read a lot of posts resolution bashing. Essentially negating the entire practice as a ritual that does more harm than good to our wellbeing. There are some interesting and valid points, but I'll be entirely honest I don't agree.


I'm a procrastinator and I'm fairly sure that is why New Year's resolutions are an effective tool for me. It's the swift kick I need to get me moving toward goals I want to achieve in the New Year. I find myself engineering action plans. All of a sudden ideas that have been hanging out in my brain begging to be brought to light finally get there time to shine. 

It is invigorating.

Imagine you journaled your life over the last year. The entire 365. Your journal was strictly sharing the simple activities, happenings and events of your day. How many climatic moments were there? How many adventures? How much happiness? How much accomplishment? If you were to weave those 365 days into a story...what kind of book did you write?

My fear for you would be that you may discover you pretty much wrote the same chapter over and over again.

Reflection is a beautiful tool and I'll tell you why. At any point you can make a plot change. You can add an unexpected twist.  This is where the joy of the resolution comes in. Perhaps look at it less like a mundane task you are going to force yourself to do and more like building your 2018 according to your goals.

From personal experience I'll tell you that it is an exceptional feeling ending the year off as the 6%. The small few that created a resolution and remained determined to stick it. I wanted to push my fitness goals to the next level and I managed to compete twice this year. I was honoured to take 6th at the Kelowna Classic and 1st at the Iron Ore Classic. It was not without help. I had my Coach Ondrej from My Trainer 365 and an endless amount of motivation from the #fitfam.

So if you're itching to craft that bestselling story for 2018 (we are talking about your life here just incase you haven't been following along with my metaphors) ... Here are some ways to help move you forward. My chat with Dr. Samra offered some great resolution inspiration:

Be specific- That's amazing that you want to get fit or actually write a novel. But break it down. You could say I'm going to go to 6 classes in January to kick start my workout routine or I'll dedicate 3 hours on Saturdays and complete the first two chapters by the 31st. Set some specific and realistic targets right from the get go.

Grab A Friend: Accountability is key. The American Society of Training and Development did a study that found you have a 65 percent chance of completing a goal if you've committed to someone. Even better if you have specific accountability appointments- That can increase your chance of success by 95 percent. The investment in a personal trainer makes a lot more sense when you look at it that way. It was certainly the step I needed to make in order to push myself forward.

Measurable: For every single person that has ever reached out about a fitness transformation one of my number one pieces of advice was take photos. These are a great way to measure your progress and ultimately motivate you even further. Another example of a measurable goal would be this blog. Last year I wanted to start one, but I was far from consistent. This year I have made the resolution to create two blog posts a week.

The biggest thing to remember as you enter the New Year is that you are capable. You can create and change your life in any direction you desire.

I read a great quote that really got me thinking...

You have a 1 in 400 000 000 000 of being born. Don't waste 2018.