Krissy Vann

Krissy has a sense of adventure, is an optimist and loves change. In 2015 she made the big cross-country move from St. Catharines, Ontario to Vancouver, British Columbia. Luckily her husband and Freelance Bulldog Stella were quite familiar with her kind of crazy and were onboard with the relocation.

Krissy has worked for The Weather Network as a national television presenter for 5 years and most recently took on the role as their Vancouver Bureau Video Journalist. She loves her job as it allows her to live out unique experiences on the daily.

In her spare time she is either adventuring or working out. That’s where Vann In Vancity comes in. She has always dreamed of blogging and decided to pursue her passion into action. If you love exploring new places while getting some serious 'gainz' then you’ve landed in the right place. Happy exploring!